Used Kia Sorento in Atlanta Is Your Best Bet

December 3rd, 2021 by

Atlanta Used Kia Sorento

Also known as the Goldilocks of three-row crossovers, the used Kia Sorento in Atlanta is a seven-seater SUV that is built to provide luxurious comfort, innovative technology, and a smooth ride. Comprising a classy and rugged interior and sleek modern-styled exterior, driving a Kia Sorento will make you feel like you are on top of the world. Available in both plug-in hybrid and hybrid powertrains, the Sorento helps maximize fuel efficiency. Add to this the manufacturer’s belief that the Kia Sorento is the perfect vehicle for size-conscious families. So if you have a limited budget and are planning to invest in a pre-owned Kia Sorento in Atlanta, here’s everything you need to know.

Understanding the Kia’s Certified Pre-Owned Program

According to Kia’s standard Certified Pre-Owned vehicle program, the manufacturers require a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta to be either within four years of ownership or has been driven for less than 60,000 miles. The Kia dealership will facilitate you with a 164-point inspection as well. If approved, your certified pre-owned Sorento in Atlanta will be provided a powertrain warranty of 100,000-miles or 10-years. Moreover, know that when buying a certified pre-owned Kia Sorento, it comes with a Platinum level protection warranty of 12,000 miles or 12 months which covers the expense for most common wear and tear.

Surprisingly, the perks of buying a certified used Kia Sorento don’t end here. Your pre-owned vehicle will also be given the coverage of Roadside Assistance which will help in cases of dead batteries, lockouts, flat tires, and other emergencies. Therefore, to stay on the good side of the CPO coverage and keep your used Kia Sorento in Atlanta in tip-top condition, remember to follow Kia’s recommended maintenance schedule to the tee.

Why Invest in a Used Kia Sorento in Atlanta?

Regardless of what trim you choose, every Kia Sorento is designed to provide you with an enhanced and lavish driving experience. From comfortable cabin space to innovative technology, the list of features to look forward to when driving a used Sorento is endless. You can enjoy driving your vehicle in style while knowing that you saved a significant amount of money thanks to the following perks that came with your pre-owned Kia Sorento in Atlanta.

  • Transmission & Engine Choices – Often utilizing a 2.5-liter turbo-four cylinder engine, a used Kia Sorento can offer a quick-shifting dual-clutch transmission. On the other hand, most pre-owned Sorento in Atlanta features a conventional planetary-type automatic transmission system. Moreover, when purchasing a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta, a V-6 engine with eight-speed automatic transmission is often also available.
  • Lower Price – An affordable and attractive price tag is one of the biggest reasons you are considering investing in a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta. The savings could be significant regardless of the CPO Program or type of deals you go for. In simpler words, regardless of the pre-owned Sorento trim level, you opt for, know that the price of a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta will be considerably lower than buying new.
  • Available Driver-Assistance and Safety Features – Whether it’s the new one or a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta, all models offer almost the same tech and driver-assistance features. These include; rear cross-traffic alert, rear and front automatic braking, blind-spot monitoring, lane keep assist, and adaptive cruise control. However, because the previous owner has already modified a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta, there’s a high chance that you might get available features available in higher trim levels with a lower price tag than it was originally for these same upgraded features.

Where To Find The Best Quality Used Kia Sorento In Atlanta

If you’ve been wanting a new family SUV, but your budget won’t allow it, consider getting a quality used Kia Sorento in Atlanta. You can get all the tech and safety features you need with a much lower price tag when you opt for pre-owned. For even greater peace of mind, check out our selection of certified pre-owned Kia Sorento. Considering that a used Kia Sorento in Atlanta can save you thousands of dollars and offers almost all the same features, buying a pre-owned model is the wisest option.

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