Reasons to Choose Chevy Used Cars Atlanta

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Choose Used Chevy Cars In Atlanta

Choosing a used Chevy car in Atlanta is a great way to put your hands on the vehicle you’ve been eyeing for a while but couldn’t afford to buy new. A used Chevy car, SUV, or truck in good condition should provide you with the daily driving experience you’re looking for while staying within your budget. If you aren’t sure whether a used Chevy is a viable choice, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the most important reasons to choose Chevy used cars in Atlanta.

Top Reasons To Buy An Atlanta Used Chevy Car

  • Getting More With Less – As mentioned earlier, a used Chevy vehicle is bound to cost less. This also means you have a tremendous chance to access features you love. For example, you need an awesome infotainment system with a large touchscreen. This will naturally cost you more in a new Chevrolet, but be a lot more affordable in a pre-owned one. In many cases, a used Chevy in good condition won’t look as though it’s a second-hand car. When you drive it home, it may look so clean that people will mistake it for new.
  • Chevy Cars Are Reliable – Chevy cars are also among the most reliable out there. For example, research reveals that its Silverado pickup truck is the most durable in the US, based on vehicle registration from the past 30 years. For its 2015 models, the brand earned several ‘Most Dependable’ Awards from J.D Power. Some of these models include Equinox (compact SUV), Traverse (mid-size SUV), and the Malibu (mid-size car).When it comes to dependability, a used Chevy in good condition will never let you down. It’s a decision you won’t have to regret.
  • Diverse Options – When you consider buying a new car, your options are only limited to the latest models. If you have a former model in mind that has proved itself as an incredible vehicle, its new version may not be available anymore, simply because the manufacturer stopped producing them. But you can still access it in the pre-owned form.Considering a used Chevy in Atlanta means you have a wide variety of options available because the brand has numerous models. From cars like Impala and Malibu to SUVs like Traverse and Equinox to pickup trucks such as Silverado 1500, the Ed Voyles in Atlanta offers the most sought-after models in North Georgia. Buying used also means you can put your hands on a variety of model years and trims.
  • High-Tech Features – Just because you’re buying a used Chevy doesn’t mean you’ll have to forgo advanced tech features. Buy a model that’s a few years old and it will easily exceed your expectations in terms of high-tech safety and infotainment features. For instance, if you’re interested in a truck, the 2018 Silverado 1500 is a perfect choice that will not only put you at ease on the drive but also keep you connected to your loved ones.
  • Retaining Value – New cars depreciate at an outrageously higher rate than used cars. As soon as you drive a new vehicle out of the showroom, its value will drop by several thousand dollars because it’s now considered a used car. This isn’t a problem with used Chevy vehicles. Since they depreciate at a much lower rate, you should be able to retain more of their value as you utilize it over time. In other words, an Atlanta used Chevy offers incredible value for money.

Go For A Certified Used Chevy In Atlanta

When shopping for used Chevy cars in Atlanta from Ed Voyles, it’s best to go for certified pre-owned vehicles. These come with various new car benefits while being highly affordable. To qualify as a certified pre-owned vehicle, a Chevy model must have a clean title, be driven not more than 75,000 miles, and be under six model years old, as well as pass a thorough 172-point inspection by certified, well-trained technicians.

Any issues detected during the inspection are fixed. Without satisfactory repairs, the Chevy won’t qualify as a certified pre-owned car. These vehicles also come with impressive warranties and roadside assistance. When you purchase a certified pre-owned Chevy, it may come with a free OnStar Services trial, a SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial subscription, and a free CARFAX Vehicle History Report.

Check Out The Best Selection Of Used Chevy Cars For Sale In Atlanta

At Ed Voyles Auto Group, we are proud offer a massive selection of used Chevy for sale in Atlanta and the surrounding North Georgia area. Test drive one of America’s favorite car brands and take home a pre-owned Chevy that will last you for years to come. Get in touch and let our professional team assist you with expert Atlanta used Chevy car financing. We have proudly served Atlanta quality used Chevy cars for decades. We understand what you need and how to get it for you.