Getting A Quality Used Honda Accord Near Atlanta

August 13th, 2021 by

Buying A Used Honda Accord Near Atlanta

Honda Accord is a car model synonymous with dependability and getting a used Accord near Atlanta makes sense. Honda Accord has ranked among the best family sedans in the US for decades. Thanks to its remarkable execution and consistent evolution, the vehicle appeared in Car and Driver’s 10 Best Cars list 32 times. The vehicle continues to blow minds with its upscale accouterments and driver-friendly handling, combining the two in a fashionable, comfortable, and affordable package.

What To Look For When Buying A Used Honda Accord Near Atlanta

Based on our research, Honda Accord is not just among the best sedans in the market, but also among the best vehicles, you can get your hands on. However, when you consider buying a used Honda Accord, the brand itself matters less than how the car has been driven throughout. If you’re searching for a used Honda Accord for sale in Atlanta, be sure to consider the following critical factors:

Know The Condition Of The Engine

The Honda Accord typically features a smooth and fairly refined power plant. However, you may still notice minor vibrations emerging from the dashboard and the steering area. Over time, these vibrations may evolve to become more intense, eventually making the driving experience highly cumbersome. This is the last thing you’d want when investing in a premium vehicle like Honda Accord.

The issue has its origins in faulty engine mounts that depreciate with age and when the vehicle faces too many tough potholes in a short period. When taking a test drive, you should be able to sense this unnatural rattling easily.

Check The Locks

If you’re interested in the 8th generation Honda Accord, don’t forget to examine this critical function. Owing to a faulty door lock actuator, the doors of this model have been known to unlock/lock automatically while you’re driving. Whether the vehicle is stationary or in motion, the actuators may start acting weirdly, resulting in this malfunction. Due to the same actuator issue, the function won’t immediately respond when you attempt to lock or unlock the doors on your own. As a highly intermittent issue, a faulty actuator is not easy to detect. Also, when an actuator problem does exist, the only solution is to get the actuator replaced; it can’t be repaired.

Our expert auto service technicians are aware of this possible malfunction and every used Honda Accord we have for sale near Atlanta has been thoroughly inspected.

Always Test The Brakes

Brakes should be tested while on the test drive. At Ed Voyles Auto Group, our used Honda Accord cars offered for sale near Atlanta are thoroughly tested both on and off the road. But, if you’re considering buying elsewhere, or from a private party, you will need to test the brakes and inspect them thoroughly.

Braking is one of the most essential functions to look out for when buying a used Honda Accord. Brake warping issues have been reported for Honda Accord vehicles around the world. The problem occurs when the flat surface of the brake rotor becomes uneven due to the deposit of material on the brake pads. When you exert medium-hard level effort on the brake pedal, rotor warming will cause the brakes to shudder. The severity of the shudder depends on the amount of uneven deposit. Rotor warping results either from excessive heat action on the calipers or poor braking habits. Detecting the shudder effect shouldn’t be a problem, so you can test the brakes on your first test drive.

Atlanta Requires Operational Air Conditioning

If you find the air conditioning on a used Honda Accord is blowing hot air, this is something to question. Especially during an Atlanta summer, the last thing you need is a malfunctioning air conditoner. The underlying cause is that the model’s condenser unit doesn’t have a protective grille on it. Plus, the condenser’s location exposes it to road debris coming from the front. These discrepancies mess up the air conditioning function, causing the unit to give out warm or less powerful air. Hence, you should be very particular about the air-conditioning system check, especially when considering a 2003-2007 generation model.

This is not an issue for the used Honda Accord models you will find for sale at our location near Atlanta. Our pre-owned vehicles are routinely checked by certified auto service technicians to ensure the air conditioning, among other things, is working properly.

Hassle-Free Used Honda Accord For Sale Near Atlanta

The best way to make sure you get a quality used Honda Accord for sale near Atlanta is to buy from our reputable dealership, Ed Voyles Auto Group. Every used vehicle we have for sale is inspected bumper to bumper by our qualified auto service department and repaired as needed. We take the guesswork out of any mechanical issues you might be worried about when considering a pre-owned Honda Accord.

At Ed Voyles Auto Group, we are proud to offer a huge selection of certified pre-owned and used Honda Accord to Atlanta and the surrounding area. Find the highest quality used car you need that will last you for years to come. Then, reach out and let our professional team assist you with expert used Honda Accord financing. Inquire today and take home your next Honda Accord!