Quality Used Cars for Sale In Atlanta

February 4th, 2022 by

Highest quality and lowest priced used cars for sale in Atlanta

There are things that you should know about buying a quality used car in Atlanta. Buying a car is the biggest financial decision you make after deciding to buy a home. Some of us save for years on end to get our hands on the vehicle of our dreams. When planning to replace your existing vehicle, brand new vehicles can be highly tempting, but their price is getting out of reach for most car buyers. On top of that, the interest rates for new car financing, insurance costs, registration, etc. can really add up.

As a result, a large chunk of car shoppers are drifting toward used vehicles. Plus, the certified pre-owned option for used cars gives you a way to enjoy the many benefits of owning a new car while also eliminating the risks of buying a used car. So, what should you look for when you find the perfect used car for sale in Atlanta?

Atlanta Used Cars Can Come At A Lower Cost

Understandably, the biggest reason to buy a used car instead of a new one is the affordability factor. Not only are used cars available at a lower price than brand new vehicles, but other costs related to a car purchase also remain incredibly low.

Insurance costs, for instance, depend on your location, age, credit score, and mileage. Before setting the rates, insurance companies particularly consider the value of the car, which is why insurance costs for pre-owned vehicles tend to remain lower than those for the new versions. With a pre-owned version, your car insurance costs remain lower.

Similarly, the registration fee of vehicles in some states depends on their age and the value of the vehicle. Older vehicles are subject to lower rates of registration than the rates for new cars due to their age and because a quality used car in Atlanta carries a lower overall value than a new one.

Tackling Depreciation

Despite the warranties and free maintenance that come with brand new vehicles, they’re subject to an incredible amount of depreciation. Even the cars that are known to last longer tend to lose 40% of their value within the first year of purchase. In fact, the value tends to drop the moment you drive a new car off the dealership’s lot. If you’re relying on car financing to pay for your new car, it hurts knowing that you’re making loan payments for a car that has already lost 40% of its original value.

By buying a quality used car in Atlanta, you’re able to dodge this rapid depreciation period, which has already occurred to the vehicle. This is the reason why you get much better value for your money with a used vehicle rather than a new one.

Pre-Owned Car Certification

One of the biggest concerns when considering a used car purchase is the potential for any hidden problems in it. The certified pre-owned vehicle option in Atlanta solves this problem. The top sellers offer certified pre-owned programs, that only include used vehicles that meet the manufacturer’s specific standards and bring with them some form of guarantee against defects.

Hence, buying a certified pre-owned vehicle means you’ll still be acquiring a used car but have extra confidence in its reliability, making a used car purchase less bothersome.

Availability of Past Vehicle Records

Past vehicle records add more confidence to the decision of buying a used vehicle. A quality used car dealership in Atlanta gives you access to the vehicle’s history such as its number of owners, repair history, and any accidents the car may have had. With this information, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you aren’t picking a vehicle that becomes a headache for you.

Where to Buy Quality Used Cars In Atlanta

When considering a vehicle purchase, one of the first questions that come to your mind is whether you should choose a brand new vehicle or a used one. New cars pose few risks of potential issues, are easier to buy, come with the latest features, and often come with a warranty, but their outrageously high costs combined with rapid depreciation make you think twice before considering a brand new vehicle purchase. After all, you might not get good value for your money. This is why many choose to purchase a high quality used car for sale in Atlanta.

At Ed Voyles, we offer you a large selection of used cars across all makes and models and we stand behind every pre-owned vehicle we offer for sale in Atlanta. Get in touch and let our professional team assist you with expert used car financing. We have proudly served Atlanta quality used trucks, cars, and SUVs for decades. We understand what you need and how to get it for you.