Kia Telluride Concept Unveiled – Atlanta Kia Dealer Review

April 24th, 2019 by

Earlier this month Kia Motors America (KMA) unveiled the Kia Telluride at the North American International Auto Show. As a full-size luxury SUV, this new Kia concept vehicle is larger and more heavily packed with technology and premium features than the popular Kia Sorento. The Telluride front fascia contains the signature Kia tiger nose grille, LED headlamps, and a polished metal skid plate located under the bumper. Elegant yet rugged, styling across the side and rear vehicle panels showcase the length and wide stance of the extended body shape.

An array of high-tech features were incorporated into the Telluride concept vehicle. These include a Swipe Command that allows rear-seat passengers to quickly scroll and select desired media by simply swiping their hand across the second row center console. The selected media can be played through the vehicle’s advanced audio system or on a set of headphones that wirelessly charge when stowed in the console. Wireless cell phone charging is also provided in a front dashboard compartment.

If brought to production, the Kia Telluride would offer seven passengers three rows of seating in a spacious cabin filled with state-of the art technology. Front and second row passenger seats are offered as beautiful black-leather captains seats that recline to an almost flat position and are made complete with large fold away footrests.

Perhaps the most revolutionary concept feature is the Telluride’s Light Emitted Rejuvenation (LER) system that can scan passengers and deliver patterns of light to improve their energy level or treat jet lag. As an experimental model these new technologies may or may not make it to production but it is exciting to learn what Kia has been working on for future vehicles.

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