Save Big With a Certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta

December 24th, 2021 by

Atlanta Certified Used Acura RDX Saves Money

There are many risks that come with buying a used vehicle, especially because you have no idea what the previous owner has put their vehicle through in most cases. However, the risk is minimized with a certified used Acura RDX in Atlanta. A certified pre-owned Acura isn’t your ordinary second-hand vehicle. You will be surprised to know that every certified Used Acura RDX must meet several requirements and standards before qualifying for the Acura Certified Pre-Owned Program. The biggest benefit of investing in a certified pre-owned vehicle is that you get the perks of a newer vehicle with a relatively lower price tag. Read on to learn more about the certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta.

What Is Meant by Certified Pre-Owned?

A certified pre-owned vehicle is a used car that has been reconditioned to the manufacturer’s specifications. A certified pre-owned car doesn’t fall under the category of used or new vehicles. This is primarily because it isn’t brand new and has been refurbished to exceed the conditions of a second-hand car. For instance, unlike typical used vehicles, a certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta comes with a manufacturer-backed warranty as all necessary repairs have been done before handing the keys over to you, which means that it will provide you with plenty of trouble-free miles and add-on features; all within your budget range.

The Certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta 182-Inspection Process

In order to refine it to its top condition, every certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta vehicle is required to pass a rigorous comprehensive inspection. During the 182-inspection process, every vehicle must undergo a check of nearly every mechanical functionality to meet the precise manufacturer specifications. Not only this but the exterior and interior appearance of every certified pre-owned Acura is checked for the exact fit and finishing of a brand new vehicle. Moreover, trained technicians research every CPO Acura RDX in Atlanta’s VIN- Vehicle Identification Number- to ensure that all outstanding issues are resolved.

A certified Used Acura RDX buyer in Atlanta will be provided with a complete set of pertinent documentation and vehicle manuals in the glovebox upon delivery. These include; a new car warranty manual, owner’s manual, certified pre-owned booklet, a complete 182-point inspection checklist, vehicle history report, navigation code, maintenance journal, and radio security code.

How Buying A Certified Pre-Owned Acura RDX Can Benefit You

Every Certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta is meticulously inspected inside and out to create the ultimate luxury experience. Here is how a certified pre-owned Acura RDX in Atlanta can be beneficial to you.

  • New Car Reliability for a Lower Price – One of the most prominent benefits of buying a certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta is that you get a car that drives like new, comes with an extended warranty, and feels brand new, with an affordable price tag. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are typically amongst the most preferable buys in the used cars marketplace. This is because the new car depreciation has already taken place and you get a reliable, almost new vehicle, making a certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta a more comprehensive and more affordable choice.
  • New Car Like Condition Guaranteed – Durability and reliability are two of the main perks of buying a certified Used Acura. As stated earlier, every pre-owned vehicle goes through a detailed 182-inspection process before going out in the market. This means that your certified pre-owned Acura RDX in Atlanta will have low mileage, be accident-free, and offer a more comfortable and smoother drive.

    Note that a certified Used Acura comes with 100,000 miles or 24 months warranty. The Acura manufacturers will replace or repair defective parts during this period. Your first scheduled maintenance visit is also complimentary.

  • Low Mileage – The Acura RDX manufacturers believe that ownership should be synonymous with confidence. That’s why only cars with less than 80,000 miles are eligible to be accepted into the Certified Pre-Owned Program. Therefore, there’s a high chance that your certified Used Acura will have low miles and therefore be more reliable than other used vehicle options.
  • Low-Interest Financing – Although a Certified Used Acura RDX in Atlanta will indeed be a bit more expensive than a standard second-hand model, they do come with a full spectrum of financing options. From loans to monthly payments to leasing, you can finance in almost any way you like.

Experience A Certified Used Acura RDX In Atlanta Today

If you are contemplating buying a luxury SUV, you will come across several options in the market. However, due to the costly price tag buying a new vehicle may not be one of them. This is where the certified Used Acura RDX comes in. Being an easy and safe choice, a well-conditioned certified pre-owned Acura RDX in Atlanta will offer you a significant amount of features, a lengthy warranty, and a great driving experience. All within an affordable price range.

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