Buying vs Leasing a Vehicle

Below are some benefits of both leasing and financing through Ed Voyles Automotive Group. The following should help you decide how to purchase a new vehicle:

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Leasing a Vehicle from Ed Voyles Automotive Group

In a lease you are not purchasing a vehicle instead, you contract to use it for the first and best period of its life. Following are some additional benefits to leasing a Vehicle:

One of the biggest advantages of a lease is that it does not usually require a substantial amount of cash up front. In many states, you can even pay the sales taxes as part of your monthly lease payment, rather than in a lump sum.

Lower Monthly Payment

If the finance period is the same, your monthly payments will be lower when leasing (vs. financing) because your payments will be based on the vehicle’s estimated depreciation. (You are contracting to use a portion of the car’s value, rather than buying the entire car.)

Enjoy a New Car Every Few Years

Your taste and preference may change, and a short-term lease makes it easy to drive a new car more frequently. Additionally, you may have needs for a larger or smaller car in a few years, and a lease makes it easy to plan for such changes.

Enjoy End-Of-Lease Options

You don’t have to worry about resale value. If your car depreciates more than the estimated residual value in your lease contract at full term, you can turn it in at the end of your lease term. But if it’s worth more, you can buy it and keep it or resell it. A lease gives you an option.

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Financing a Vehicle from Ed Voyles Automotive Group

If you typically keep your vehicle for five to ten years, then financing may be your best option. Ed Voyles Automotive Group may be your best choice in financing your new vehicle, with competitive rates and terms designed to meet your needs.

Pride of Ownership

Ownership can instill a sense of pride. It can also build equity. Payment by payment, an owner’s equity may increase.

Drive as Many Many Miles as You Want

This is important to consider if you drive more than 12,000 to 15,000 miles per year.

Customize Your Vehicle

You can alter the interior or exterior to suit your taste (though your choices may affect the resale value.)

Still can’t make up your mind which choice is right for you, come by Ed Voyles Automotive Group and a member of the finance team can address your financial needs and questions in person or call us at (866) 390-4573.