Top 10 Car Features

April 24th, 2019 by

If you are shopping for your next vehicle you have probably put together a list of your “must have” features. Beyond the body type (i.e. car, SUV, van or truck) you most likely have thought about all the little extras you require to drive in comfort. Perhaps you are looking for more luxury features or maybe you just need a vehicle that is more capable than your existing one.

Auto manufacturers pay attention to what features sell cars. They also note less popular features and either revise or discontinue them. To learn what people want most in their vehicles, ongoing customer surveys are conducted. The results across a variety of automotive brands are similar and reveal the most desirable features chosen by car shoppers across the nation.

The top ten most popular car features are:

– Cruise Control – for drivers who travel long distances and want to rest their “pedal” foot for awhile.

– Four Wheel Drive – allows the adventurous driver to conquer rough terrain and take their vehicles off-road.

– Seat Heater – obviously popular in colder climates but also valuable for drivers who frequently drive at night or early morning when temperatures are the lowest.

– Tow Hitch – not just for towing trailers but also helpful for bike racks which require a tow hitch as an anchor.

– Automatic Transmission – this feature is so popular that many rough and tumble vehicles (Jeep, Land Rover, etc.) now offer it as a standard feature.

– DVD Video System – awesome for keeping squirmy kids entertained during long road trips, must be most popular in the parent crowd.

– Third Row Seat – also awesome for families that need more space for their kids, their kids’ stuff and their kids’ friends.

– Sunroof – who wouldn’t want a window to the sky? This feature allows more light to enter the cabin and creates a sense of freedom wherever you go.

– Navigation System – an accurate navigation system is almost a necessity these days. It saves time, frustration and keep drivers safe on the road.

– Leather Seats – this posh feature not only feels nice against the skin but it is an earmark of luxury. If you have a car with leather seats you have arrived.

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