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Whether for business or your family, when you require a great pre-owned truck, you have to visit Ed Voyles Auto Group in Atlanta, Georgia. With a larger selection of the best pre-owned trucks in the metropolitan Atlanta area, including additional locations in Marietta, Chamblee, and Smyrna, you can be sure that the truck you need is available through the Ed Voyles Auto Group.

Browse our large pre-owned truck inventory. After you find the exact pre-owned truck that you want, schedule a test drive! We’ll make sure it’s powered up and ready for you to test every feature so you can enjoy every one of its benefits.

Pre-Owned Trucks Cost Less at Ed Voyles Auto Group

Buying a pre-owned truck doesn’t have to be as scary as you think. One of the main reasons buying a pre-owned truck makes a lot of sense is price. Pre-owned vehicles cost less than new ones. While this may seem self-evident, a deeper explanation shows why there is even more value in pre-owned trucks.

New vehicles tend to lose about 20% of their value in the first year of ownership due to depreciation. Depreciation continues at a slightly slower rate for the life of the vehicle. But it’s that first year’s depreciation that really takes the largest chunk of value. A pre-owned buyer reaps the financial reward of depreciation. They get more truck for less money.

Since trucks tend to hold their value better than cars, pre-owned truck buyers benefit in two ways: 1) the first owner has taken the financial depreciation hit, which means the second owner pays less for more truck and 2) when it comes time to sell, the second owner gets more money when reselling. This keeps the total cost of ownership of pre-owned trucks low.

Ed Voyles Pre-Owned Trucks are Tougher

Another benefit of purchasing a pre-owned truck is that trucks are built much tougher than cars. Engines and transmissions, braking and cooling systems, and suspension systems, particularly, are built to a higher standard. This significantly reduces the chances of buying a pre-owned truck that won’t perform adequately or that breaks down frequently because of a previous owner’s abuse or neglect. Trucks are built to take a lot of punishment—much more than a previous owner can do in a limited period of time.

Along with this, truck owners also tend to be business owners. Therefore, they won’t be abusive or neglectful to something as important as their truck is to the sustainability of their business. So, typically, pre-owned truck buyers get a vehicle that has been well taken care of, that still costs far less than new. What a win! And, when you buy from Ed Voyles you benefit even more.

Top Selection of Pre-Owned Trucks at Ed Voyles Auto Group

Because we operate many dealerships throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area, we have access to many more truck owners. Thus, we have a much larger inventory of pre-owned trucks. This makes your search that much easier. You’ll only have to visit one dealership to find exactly what you’re looking for, rather than wasting a lot of time, fuel, and travel to get the pre-owned truck you want.

Pre-Owned Trucks Are Thoroughly Checked and Backed by Ed Voyles Auto Group

An additional advantage of buying at the Ed Voyles Auto Group is that we put each and every pre-owned truck we sell through a thorough inspection to make sure it will last you for the long haul. We also include a free CarFax vehicle history report, so you can be confident that the truck you’re buying has a past that promotes your peace of mind. You’ll know everything there is to know about the pre-owned truck you want with our free CarFax vehicle history report.

Contact Ed Voyles for Your Next Pre-Owned Pickup Truck

When you need a pre-owned truck, come to Ed Voyles Auto Group. It’s quicker to find the pre-owned truck that matches your needs, you’ll get a high-quality truck that lasts, and you’ll save a lot of money. Visit any of our locations in Atlanta, Marietta, Chamblee, or Smyrna, Georgia. You can be confident that you’ll find what you want and pay far less than you’d expect. Contact us today or stop in for a test drive!

Contact Ed Voyles Auto

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