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2016 Honda Accord In Atlanta, GA

Our Honda dealership now has the new 2016 Honda Accord in the Atlanta, Georgia area. This new model has been redesigned to be the most advanced and technology packed Accord ever. For starters, the new Accord will be the first Honda to have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. This new feature allows drivers to connect their smart phones to the vehicle’s in-dash display center to utilize voice command, Google maps and most other apps.

Other new technology on the 2016 Honda Accord includes a passenger side mirror camera that is activated when the left turn indicator is in use. The camera relays video of what lies in the driver’s blind spot to a screen on the center console. This first-of-its-kind camera is only available from Honda and is a perfect companion to the back-up camera that is standard on all Accord models.

New safety equipment onboard the new Honda Accord includes a Collision Mitigation Braking and Forward Collision Warning that uses radar to determine if the car is approaching another vehicle too quickly. If the system determines that a problem exists, both visual and audible alarms are set off and the car will apply braking if necessary to lesson the impact of a collision.

Additional safety features include a Lane-Keep Assist and Road Departure Mitigation feature that reads lane markings and corrects for lane drift when turn signals are not activated. An Adaptive Cruise Control feature also has a place in the new Accord and uses radar to keep a safe distance from vehicles ahead of it.

With plenty of advanced convenience and safety technology, the new Accord is sure to be one of our most popular models. If you would like to learn more about this innovating new vehicle or test drive the 2016 Honda Accord near Atlanta, GA please Contact Us.